Saturday, 31 July 2010

Shopping Crush: Topshop jumper

It may be but a week ago that I was happily soaking up the sun in shorts and sandals but today I'm freezing! And all I want to do is stay in and cosy up in a nice warm jumper. My winter staples just won't cut it, however, because a) I'm downright bored of them thanks to months of overuse and b) It's supposed to be summer and I refuse to break out my chunky, muted knits. So, I've found a soultion, and yes, it involves buying something new. More specifically, this Topshop knitted slouchy cocoon jumper. It is perfect, non? Not only does it look identical to the Dries Van Noten jumper I spent the whole of last winter wishing I owned, but it's light and fluffy, which is just right for the summer chill. Available at

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